by Hiroko


I’m honored to introduce this brave girl (also party girl😊) from Mumbai.

This independent girl jumped into a big global city, Hong Kong with computer science engineering skills 9 months ago.

Things she loves are a challenge, adventure, progress, something new…because she is Vandana.

Things she hates are boredom, routines, stability…because she is Vandana.

She can reset her mind so quick even when she has something unhappy. She does it much quicker with whiskey and Mexican food.

She enjoys talking to new people and knows something new without hesitation.

She has a strong sense of independence and tries to open the way to the future by herself.

Her beauty comes not only from beauty itself, but also from her attitude to her life.

I’m not able to predict the future, but so curious and excited about her next.

We can't keep our eyes off her.