“Need a tip or reco about Hong Kong? Ask Liz!”

by Meng Yang

Elizabeth, or Liz, as she might be affectionately known, has seemingly boundless energy and persistence, plus the ability to teleport between campus and everywhere else around the Hong Kong island and Kowloon area that defy the laws of meta-physics. She’s a Canadian with family ties to Hong Kong, and a strong familiarity with the city and the ability to conjure up local restaurant suggestions on the fly. Multi-talented, friendly, and somehow able to always smile despite enduring an intense MBA schedule and after long, long lectures on data analysis.

She was the first person I had met from the MBA program during her visit to Kuala Lumpur, and from the get go she seemed like a genuinely nice human being, which gave me some semblance of comfort before leaving home for another foreign land. Even before the semester started, she had already volunteered to help organize the MBA homecoming event. Before the MBA, she was a manager for the Vancouver Chinatown foundation, and she continued her organizational magic by organizing the awesome junk boat party at Ninepin island and successfully coordinating the MBA homecoming event. And did I mention that she’s a fantastic chef? Clearly, she’s a keeper. But sorry guys, she’s already taken by another awesome fella!