Who We Are


The MBA Association (MBAA) has an important role in ensuring that the voice of each student is heard. It assists in facilitating each student’s personal growth and professional development. The MBAA also oversees the Student Clubs and provides support, acts as an advocate for their events and agendas and serves as a liaison with the MBA Office (MBAO). 

The MBAA Executive, consisting of the President, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, is elected by the students of the program.  The MBAA Committee is then subsequently appointed by the MBAA Executive(VP Career Development,VP Alumni Relations,VP Cross Program Integration,VP GMC,VP Communications). Recognizing the trust that has been placed on them, the MBAA is committed to ensuring that each student has a life changing experience in the program, develops lifelong relationships with their peers and becomes integrated with HKUST's global alumni family. The MBAA is committed to building a legacy together with the students.


   MBAA Team for the Year 2018-2019

What we Stand for

Our team was formed around 3 core values:

  1. Servant Leadership: we contribute selflessly to the school and student body to elevate one another

  2. Relationship Building: through sincerity, authenticity and transparency, we build and maintain trusting relationships across the MBA community to create and promote synergies both internally and externally

  3. Collaboration: we remove roadblocks so you can achieve your goals, we work with whoever it takes to get things done

MBAA Executive


Whether current, former or potential HKUST student or student from any other program, please reach out to us.


MBA Is About Professionals

An MBA is the first step to finding the perfect job. An important part of our mission as MBAA will be to support career development and create opportunities for impactful networking. To make it happen, we must pool resources together to create synergies. With this foundation, we can take concrete measures:

  1.  Mentorship Program to pair you up with an experienced Alumni who will not only guide you professionally but also in your personal growth

  2.  Career Treks (Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing) with different “streams” of industries so you can choose which companies to visit based on your own preference

  3.  Mini Treks (Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Tokyo, Bangkok, KL, etc.) to visit regional giants and learn about various work cultures

  4.  Local Company Visits (Microsoft HK & CN and Madhead, an award-winning game developer based in HK, have already agreed to receive us)

  5.  Activities with Executives to meet and connect with them in a meaningful way

  6.  Complement the Mission of CPD to help students develop their professional profile and

    nurture their career prospects and foster understanding of students’ needs

  7.  Weekly updates to help you keep up to date with tools and opportunities

    We Are One Cohort

    Let’s not only connect externally, but also within our class. To achieve this, we want to continue on previous intakes’ legacies, such as the mUSThaveFridaysthe International Night and the Ball. We will open up opportunities with talent in our class e.g. Food Fightersclub for social events, Diversity Club for cross-cultural management conference. In return, we promise to recognize those who work tirelessly to help our MBA community.

    Foster and Support MBA Clubs

    We strongly believe that everyone in our intake is an outstanding personality, blessed with incredible talents. As MBAA, we want to give maximum power and flexibility to the clubs and support them in their initiatives. As one cohesive unit, we can apply more effectively for company sponsorships, while creating partnerships with potential employers.

    We’ll lead half-day retreats to plan ahead, collaborate between clubs and coordinate together upcoming events to ensure their optimal attendance. Weekly agile-style meetings will help us adapt to changing circumstances. The end result will be interesting and fun events that are catered to align strategically and meaningfully with your career goals.

    Make Sure Everyone Knows HKUST MBA

    We believe there are two goals to our communication strategy:

    1.External: Promote the HKUST Brand

    2.Internal: Capture Our Journey

    With your help, we will amplify HKUST MBA’s brand value. By interviewing people and telling their stories, covering the quality of our faculty, and reporting on club activities, we can bolster the brand to different audiences. We will build up a communications team representing skills in photography, social media, video and publishing.


    Nothing enhances collaboration more than transparency. To hold ourselves accountable for our actions, we’ll maintain publicly meeting minutes and the ledger of expenses.

    Always Open for Improvement

    There is always room for improvement. We recognize that we have weaknesses, and we are open to positive change. Through an open door policy, we will always give you the chance to come to us and voice your ideas, concerns and questions.