Who We Are

The MBA Association (MBAA) has an important role in ensuring that the voice of each student is heard. It assists in facilitating each student’s personal growth and professional development. The MBAA also oversees the Student Clubs and provides support, acts as an advocate for their events and agendas and serves as a liaison with the MBA Office (MBAO). 

The MBAA Executive, consisting of the President, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, is elected by the students of the program.  The MBAA Committee is then subsequently appointed by the MBAA Executive. Recognizing the trust that has been placed on them, the MBAA is committed to ensuring that each student has a life changing experience in the program, develops lifelong relationships with their peers and becomes integrated with HKUST's global alumni family. The MBAA is committed to building a legacy together with the students.


Akhil Nair | Calvin Loke | Mazen Mostapha

What we DO

The MBAA's main objectives are: -

  1. Providing support to the students, the Student Clubs, and the MBAO, ensuring cooperation and collaboration between all three.
  2. Promoting the HKUST MBA brand in the region and globally.
  3. Fostering alumni relationships through the MBA Alumni Association (MBAAA) and the Alumni Network.

Collaboration is the cornerstone of the MBAA's agenda. Working together with the students, Students Clubs, MBAO, MBAAA and Alumni Network, the MBAA will support and organize events that will provide students with opportunities for growth academically, socially and professionally. 

How to Contact US

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         MBAA Team for the Year 2017-2018

  • Calvin Loke, President -
  • Akhil Nair, Vice President -
  • Mazen Mostapha, Chief Financial Officer-
  • Jonathan Ramsay, Student Clubs Officer -
  • Lisa Wang, APAC & Career Development Officer –
  • Joe Cheng, Social & Culture Officer –
  • Jiaying Zhang, MBAP Relations Officer –
  • Jillian Ong, Global MBA Challenge & Case Competition Officer –
  • Chloe Liu, External Relations Officer –

Signature Events

The previous intakes have created Signature Events as part of the program's legacy. This year, the MBAA will re-introduce the Alumni Appreciation Night as they seek to strengthen the program's relationship with the MBAAA and Alumni Network. Signature Events for the year 2017-2018 include: -

  1. International Night (9th December 2017) - a night where students celebrate the incredible class diversity.
  2. MBA Global Challenge (13th - 14th April 2018) - a two-day case competition event hosted by the HKUST MBA where teams from the top MBA schools around the world compete.
  3. Alumni Appreciation Night (TBD) – a dinner to show the appreciation for the Alumni.
  4. MBA Ball (TBD) – black tie and evening gowns, a classy event to leave a lasting impression on the students.
 International Night (9th December 2017)

International Night (9th December 2017)