The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology welcomes you to participate in the big daddy of all the football tournaments. We invite you to our signature event - the MBA International Football Tournament, challenging MBA teams from all over the APAC region. 

29th-30th April 2017    Save the dates!

Get ready to kick some balls! Don't let the suits hold you back!

Please register here for the championship.

Here's a glimpse at half of our Full-time Football Team. Practicing hard at the mini-pitch to work on better ball control!
Name of your University (MBA Program)
Give yourself a cool name!
Who's the captain of the ship!
Phone Number
Phone Number
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Will you be able to participate at the inaugural mixer with the other teams? *
The HKUST MBA International Football Tournament will take place on the 29th and 30th April of 2017. All teams are expected to arrive on the 28th of April for the inaugural mixer in the heart of Asia’s global city – Hong Kong! The mixer will start in late afternoon/evening. Further details will be provided upon registration of the teams.
Is more than one team applying from your School/MBA Program? *
Additional teams from the same school can apply, but their participation will not be guaranteed.
Would you like to receive recommendation on accomodation in Hong Kong?
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The Squad
Each team can have up to 15 players. Additional members of the school can join them as coaching staff or supporters but not for participation. Please write below the names of the whole gang. Don't forget to mention their current status (Full-time student/Part-time student/Exchange student/Alumnus). The final list can be modified after the application, until April 27th, 2017.



Alec Chow
+852 94854634

Karishma Grover
+852 54103536