Welcome to Asia’s latest It city: The ancient yet breathtakingly modern city of Seoul
— Mark Schatzker, “Art and Seoul”,

K-pop, K-dtrama, K-beauty, K-fashion, an endless offering of delectable Korean food... 

Samsung smartphones, LG home appliances, Hyundai automobiles, and even the upcoming Pyeongchang winter olympics..! 

Korea represents something different to everyone, and there is a good reason why...


Korea has a plethora of trendy and traditional cultural assets to offer! :) 




The Korea Club is gearing up to widen HKUST MBA students' perspectives of Korea.

It's about having fun, it's about learning, but at the end of the day,

it will be about taking home valuable learnings and friendships that will stay with all of us in our journey going forward.  


Activities for the year

Korean bbq night

We began modestly with a casual Korean BBQ night

with samgyeopsal, soju, and some explosive soju bomb performances!!

but that was only the preview...

Korea Club Promotion_rev.1.png



We have so much more to share!

- Traditional Night

- Career Talk

- Movie Night w/ ChiMac (Chicken and Beer) 

- Korea Trip featuring the Winter Olympics

-...and many more!! 

So stay tuned for more, we'll keep it coming!

If you have any questions or would like to collaborate with the Korea Club, please contact: 

Jason Park, President : mparkac@connect.ust.hk

WooKyung Park, Vice President : wkpark@connect.ust.hk