Mission of HKUST Healthcare Club

  • To create awareness and educating students of the state of healthcare (including employment opportunities) and how the business of healthcare works
  • To provide a platform for healthcare businesses to understand the value that MBA candidates can bring to their businesses



Diversified healthcare club activities provide more industry insights and experience to the members. The Healthcare Club  Yoga & editation Event could bring the members a short relax after intensive examination week.

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Industry event

Clinical regulation in China lags behind the western world. Whilst many startups anticipate regulatory reform, some are taking advantage of the situation. Within healthcare, areas identified as good value to invest in China include: i) Big Data (IT + Life Sciences); ii) Artificial Intelligence (AI); and iii) Health tech hardware (sleek, consumer friendly). HKUST Healthcare Club provides the members many opportunities to join the industry talk and events.

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In mid-October, HKUST had a very successful inaugural career trek to Dubai along with the annual trek to Singapore. We met some very impressive C level executives, learned about the opportunities in a growth region short of talented workforce, learned about cultural differences candidates may experience, and we even got saw a singing Sean O Ferguson!