Let me introduce Devansh, “The Sexy Quarter Century Old SINGLE Beast” from Delhi India. Let this be a warning for what is to come… although you may perceive him as a shy and quiet individual at first, but once he warms up to you, you will have a hard time keeping his mouth closed =]

Devansh was born in Delhi 25 years ago and has lived within India his entire life up until the start of the MBA journey. Hong Kong ladies should thank this vibrant city to have successfully attracted Devansh to step foot on our land and honour us with his presence. Like most young males, Devansh is adventurous and is always up for some “fun”.

by king ma

By his definition, fun includes…partying inside a bar in Phuket, Thailand while he was having a fever and accidently knocking down a very expensive bottle of wine that belonged to what he believed to be a triad member. He ended up running straight out of the bar playing real life GTA (Grand Theft Auto) in a foreign country and successfully gotten away. After this story, everything else that followed such as scuba-diving, paragliding and bungee jumping… became less entertaining… Jks

So guys, if you ever need a buddy to do something “fun” with so you can add to your list of stories to tell, feel free to reach out to “The Sexy Quarter Century Old SINGLE Beast”