Intake 2015: This time last year…

A year ago, they were the noobs. A year on, we asked them:

This time last year, I was ________________.

… spending a nice summer in Moscow after quitting my job

… confused what would the room in Tower C look like and how I could dry my clothes, especially those bad boys

… working as a consultant in London in 13 degrees Celsius weather and rain all the time… don’t miss that at all!

… chilling with my dog after quitting my job

… still working, and making money

… starting my MBA journey with the Mandarin class in Beijing. After a year, my Chinese still sucks!

… packing up my work desk

… thinner

… chilling in the hills

… barely on the group Whatsapp. I told myself I would make up for it when the program starts.

… thinking of ways to interrupt classmates and teachers #gottheaward

… doing nothing

… sitting sleepless at home in Copenhagen, chatting with one of my best friends in Rio, entertaining her with stories and counting the time in between her contractions in the middle of the night! And yes… definitely much skinnier!