Photography training session


Photography training sessions were arranged by MBAFT photography club to share knowledge about how to properly setup a camera to take a photo with good composition. Thank you to all the participants who attended the event. We are so glad that you enjoyed the session and the light meal provided, a slice of 12" pizza!

- MBAFT Photography club


From Auto to Manual

19 September 2017

Organized by the MBAFT photography club, "From Auto to Manual" photo training session allowed people who had interest in photo taking to expand their skills on how to setup their camera's, conducted by Tharun, the photography club's vice-president. All fundamental settings such as Aperture, Shutter speed, ISO sensitivity and White balance were explained in such an easy and basic way that everyone became professional photographers in two hours. Moreover, after the lecture, attendees joined the Light Painting workshop where they were guided on how to set up the camera such that it could capture the light movement as a letter. Surprisingly, even a mobile phone could be set up to achieve the same result!

The best camera is the one you have with you
— Jay Maisel

Shift Your Aspect

27 September 2017

A week after the "From Auto to Manual" session, the photography club organized another training session about making good composition for a photo. Joe, an experienced photographer was invited as a speaker to share techniques about composition such as rule of third, leading line, reflection etc. He is actually a PhD student in mechanical engineering program in HKUST, who is fascinated with photo taking. Aside from the techniques, Jo also shared small tips that he uses to make his photos more attractive and impressive. You can follow and view his masterpieces on his instagram, @joetographerr. Again, I believe participants enjoyed the special "light meal" provided.


Make it Happen

Once everybody had their own ideas about photo composition, Jo introduced the attendees to photo editing with the Lightroom program, which is so powerful that an ordinary photo can become a masterpiece within a second.


People who are interested in this program can download trial version here

It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter
— Alfred Eisenstaedt

Again, on behalf of the photography club, we are so glad that everybody attended the photography training sessions. We hope all of you have gained more knowledge and skills about photo taking. We warmly welcome photographers who want to practice their photo taking skills in other student club's events. If you are interested in this position, please contact Tammy, Tharun or Adam. Please feel free to exercise your privilege of being a photographer and be part of our team! :D