Sales Club Presents: The 2018 HKUST MBA Interview Games


MARCH 15TH, 2018

by Michael Pelosi, Founder & President HKUST MBA Sales Club

On Tuesday, March 15th, 2018, The HKUST MBA Sales Club put on its inaugural Interview Games. We invited 20 students to prepare for and participate in mock leadership program interviews with best in class business leaders in Retail, Technology, Finance, and Management Consulting. We were honored to host Cassian Cheung (Adjunct Professor at HKUST and former president of Walmart China), Maria Hui (Director of Human Resources at Microsoft Hong Kong), Matthew Brady (Head of Asian Credit Trading at BGC Partners Ltd) and Priscilla Dell’Orto (Partner at Bain & Company) as our esteemed interviewers and judges.

In addition to all the participants getting great interview experience, the judges shared their top 4 tips when it comes to being successful in an interview. Hopefully you’ll find them as valuable as we did!

1.     Show Passion. It’s easy to get caught up speaking to what skills you have, but your skills are already highlighted in your resume and don’t make for memorable conversation. Demonstrating why you’re genuinely passionate about the specific role and the company is what will generate excitement and prove to the interviewer that you’re willing to go the extra mile.

2.     Be open minded. Especially when you’re looking to transition careers, don’t be afraid to go to all types of interviews at a diverse range of companies. Even if you decide a specific job isn’t for you, the experience will be incredibly helpful for when the time comes for you to interview for that dream job you were searching for.

3.     Show Humility. The interviewer doesn’t expect you to know everything, and on the contrary, is looking for people who are willing to admit that they don’t know it all. Verbalizing that you aren’t perfect and are not only willing, but excited to learn from others, shows refreshing modesty and that you have an appetite for growth.

4.     Listen. It’s very common for interviewees to get caught up overthinking about what they want to say next instead of actually listening to the person conducting the interview. Being an active listener during an interview will demonstrate your respect for the other person and at the same time give you the best chance at delivering the most impactful response.

Thanks again to all our judges and congrats to the winners of each interview including Timothy Tran, Anthony Prost, Fred Chan, and Daniel Keresteci (who was also our overall winner).