MOSAIC "Meet the CEOs" Event

Story by Vishakha Gupta

Photos by Pimolpat (Pauline) Thanusutiyabhorn


MOSAIC organized the “Meet the CEOs” event at theDesk, a co-working space in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. As part of the event, 2 successful businessmen: Mr. Thomas Hui, Co-founder of theDesk and Mr. Anuruk Karoonyavanich, the CEO of DBS Asia Capital, from both the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds were invited to share their diverse experiences.

The event started with a mini-tour around the co-working space. This was followed by a short interview of Mr. Thomas Hui, who shared about his entrepreneurial journey and his success story of running his co-working spaces across 4 locations in Hong Kong. In addition, he spoke about the importance of creative thinking in running a business and what are the key success factors for being an entrepreneur. To hear Mr. Hui share his professional journey and experiences was both inspiring and insightful for the over 25 attendees who were part of this event.

After Mr. Hui’s interview, Mr. Anuruk (Art) Karoonyavanich, who has served in various senior positions within banks such as Nomura and Standard Chartered before leading DBS Asia Capital, shared his experience managing and leading in a multi-cultural environment. Having worked across multiple geographies, Art shared his perspective on diversity in the business world. He also discussed at length about his professional journey to the top and how he developed himself over the years to be more of a generalist, a quality necessary for leaders to work successfully with cross-functional teams. Understanding Art’s journey was extremely helpful, especially for all those in audience who wanted to craft a successful career similar to his within the financial services industry.

While both Mr. Hui and Mr. Art are pursuing different career paths today, what was interesting to learn was how similar their perspectives were on the importance of diversity in the business world. All in all, the event was a success as each one in the audience had something to take away from the experiences of Mr. Hui and Mr. Art.