Mochi Pounding event - The Japan Club

By Yo

Have you ever seen this kind of picture or image before?

Mochitsuki (Mochi Pounding) is originally came from the culture of “Praying for a good rice harvest” and “Praying for a good health of family”.

 As you know, Japan has long rice cultivation history from our ancient and rice harvest would be heavily depended on the weather each year. We have a custom to do a rice-cake offering with round Mochi as the picture below in the New Year to thank God for a good harvest previous year and to pray for a good harvest on the coming year.

  By eating Mochi(rice cake), we will also pray for a good health of family and get vitality from God.

It is very traditional to do Mochitsuki (Mochi Pounding) on special occasions with family, relatives, and neighbor.

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This time Japan Club rent the Usu (臼, the bowl) and Kine (杵, the Hammer)from Hong Kong Judo Association and hold the event on 4thJanuary for our classmates to enjoy the experience and have a good start of year 2019.

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We used sticky rice to make Mochi paste for pounding and our classmates and even school staffs enjoyed the fresh pounded Mochi with different sources (Sweet soy beans paste(grinded, not grinded), sweet Edamame paste, Soy source +sugar with seaweed, Grinded Soy Beans + sugar).


Nowadays, even Japanese don’t do Mochi pounding and not sure about the origin about it. It was an experience to recapture our own culture as Japanese.

Hope everyone enjoyed the “Pounding Mochi” experience and the texture of Mochi. 

Also hope everyone will have a good health and great year 2019!!

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