China Like Never Before

China is a mystery to outside world - not when you travel like a royal with Chinese MBA students. The experience of exploring Beijing left each of us enthralled by the First-World status that China has attained. 

Day 01: Meet-up with Didi (the car hailing app), BMW (the car itself) and Saudi Aramco (what drives the car) followed by a mixer with Tsingua-MIT MBA students. Got to know that post mixer expedition was like "What happens in Beijing stays in Beijing" moment.

Day 02: Meet-up with Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, Goldman Sachs, Amazon China and Taikang Asset Management. Perfect end of the day with an Alumni Mixer in a traditional Mongolian Restaurant (it was like a gigantic theme park minus Diana Li, a native Mongolian and our batch-mate).

Day 03: Climbed up to The Great Wall and thereafter climbed down to Ming dynasty tombs. In between had a traditional lunch comprising organic vegetables which made my day (from farm to table, reminded of the 15fen case we did during EPS). As usual, the Chinese gang finished the evening with a lavish Pecking Duck dinner! Just so to add to the Beijing experience, the batch-mates took us out to a local BBQ and never expected what we would get to eat there (check what Guoli Zhuang in Beijing offers!)

Day 04: History lessons revisited with Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City and Jingshan Park. 

I can do this trip several more times and every time I will see China like never before!