Chairs of UST

“I am from Shunde. A second-tier city in Guangdong province. We are proud of our long tradition in producing skilled carpenters. My Western name is Jim’s Chair, named after a famous icon from the ‘50s. I am with UST since 2013, basically since the LSK complex opened. I work for the Full-Time MBA program. My team was one of the first to move in.

This year’s MBA intake is the 5th class I see. Every class is different, but, in the end, what they expect from me is pretty similar. My job is actually not too difficult, still it requires some stamina. As said, I was actually hired to serve MBA students, but meanwhile I work even more for MSc and undergraduate students. Of course, not everyone is happy about that. Specially the current MBA batch always makes a huge fuzz if I am not immediately available for them. But they are here only like once or twice a week. The rest of the time, I just stand around. Thus, to me, whether MBA or MSc, doesn’t really matter. I am equally open for everyone. You could say that I am a bitch, sure. But in life, everyone has his load to carry. And my colleagues from the MSc team do the same. So, I do not give a f***, try to keep my game up and hope someone appreciates it.”