From Yo Ichiro

What do you think of when you hear “Japan”? Sushi? Sake? Naruto? TOYOTA?

Yes. You are correct. We, Japanese, are so proud of all of them. But we thought that we have another famous specialty that our class mates should learn about and that is “TAKOYAKI(章鱼烧)”!!!

For this reason, on August 26th the UST Japan Club kicked-off its activities with a “Takoyaki Night” in Tower C. Takoyaki is a delicacy from Osaka on the eastern part of Japan. It’s a snack made of a wheat flour-based dough filled with octopus and looks a bit like an army of grilled Pikachus.

TAKOYAKI (章鱼烧) as served by the Japan Club at Takoyaki-Night.

TAKOYAKI (章鱼烧) as served by the Japan Club at Takoyaki-Night.

Since almost all our classmates from all over the world seemed to or love Japan (or at least Japanese food) and registered for the event, we expanded our menu and also offered Okonomiyaki, Chirashizushi, Yakisoba and some vegetarian food of Okara-Hanbagu (soy patty), Tofu-Hasamiage(deep fried Tofu) and Somen (Japanese noodle ) and, of course, Japanese Beer (Asahi, Sapporo, Kirin) and Sake. We just wanted to make sure that our class learns one lesson:

  • When people have Japanese food and Japanese drinks, what do they do?

  •  They talk with a smile on their faces.

 It was only two weeks in the orientation started and Takoyaki Night turned out to be one crazy party. The Japan club I was happy to have everyone as our guests and we enjoyed the cultural sharing very much.