Keep Calm and Yoga…

MOSAIC hosted our first wellness event, just before exams, to help our members “de-stress” from the heavy workload that UST is, apparently, famous for.  It was a great session atop the LSK building with the beautiful UST scenery as backdrop.  The yoga session was led by Livia Li, MBA PT and also a certified Yoga instructor. Livia was originally from China but came to Hong Kong on her own for her undergraduate studies and has been working and living in Hong Kong ever since.  Livia works in credit sales and trading at the China Construction Bank International and admits that her work is busy and stressful.  She turns to Yoga to help her balance her life and help her stay relaxed.  When you first meet Livia, you would not think that this is a person that used to travel by cold-calling!  When asked how she balances life, work, studies and her passion or Yoga, she says that she wisely uses every minute of her time.  She would work on school assignments during lunch hours at work and sacrifice outings with friends during the weekends and weeknights.  She also wakes up bright and early on weekdays just so that she can practice Yoga at 6a.m.  For Livia, Yoga is much more than just an exercise for the body.  Yoga is also an exercise for the mind and a relaxant for her inner health.  As we close off Fall 1 (at least for the full timers), we can all agree that the MBA journey is busy and hectic to say the least.  To help us ride out the journey, perhaps everyone should try to find that “relaxant” of theirs.  It could be yoga, reading, hiking, eating or shopping.  MOSAIC hopes to be part of that!  We are working with Livia and other Yoga instructors to try to set up yoga sessions at least once a month.  Please also look forward to the many upcoming events.


News Sharing

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Event Recap

-      HKUST WiMN Mentor Program

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Mosaic kick-off event 'Breathe to win' searching balance between study and well-being, a talk & Yoga workshop by Livia Li.

Mosaic kick-off event 'Breathe to win' searching balance between study and well-being, a talk & Yoga workshop by Livia Li.

by Aina Zeng , photo by Luxi Wang