mUSThaveFriday - The Experiential Learning Continues

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Fun. Interactive. Personal Growth. These were the fundamentals when the MBAA proposed to have the mUSThaveFriday events.

The 2-day Experiential Learning Program (ELP) during our Immersion Program was one of the best experiences I had. We learned about ourselves, the concept of ownership and how to work in teams through a series of games and activities. However, what was truly rewarding was getting to know our classmates better, particularly those who I did not know that well or who I had not spent that much time with.

It was with the ELP experience in mind that I wanted a platform to continue our learning and to build stronger relationships between our classmates. The MBAA brainstormed the idea of mUSThaveFriday, a bi-monthly event held on Fridays, on campus, where students not only engaged with each other in various games and activities but also got to know the members of the MBA Office (MBAO).

Our inaugural mUSThaveFriday was “Do You Know?”, where participants split up into groups and heard personal stories from members of the MBAO office. The twist was, these stories could be true or false. After each person told their story, the various groups discussed amongst themselves about whether these stories were true or false. The students and members of the MBAO engaged in hilarious discussions. We also discovered which members of the MBAO were better at lying *cough*Phebe*cough* and which were not. Connie Chiu of the MBAO, who we discovered had a twin sister, had this to say “I was just a new comer of the MBAO. Being a bit nervous seeing all the new faces, I found the passion of [the students]. For me, it was a really warm welcome, and I really look forward to meeting [the students] in the upcoming events.”

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Our second mUSThaveFriday was “Bob the Builder”, where we had to build a bridge out of cardboard and duct tape. The participants took initiative, made decisions and worked together. With limited resources, participants had to be creative and communicate with each other. “Today's mUSThaveFriday was something physical and sweaty. We set up a 'manufacturing line', managed the limited resources, built the bridge and had a lot of fun. I'm so proud of us!“ said Danielle Dong. Kyle Hung had this to add, “How much we get out of something has to do with how much we put into it. I believe that is true whether you are building a bridge with corrugated papers, or sailing through the MBA journey”.

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“Seeing MBA students take a break from their studies and enjoy each other's company as a group is a great testament on the value of our small cohort. I especially enjoyed seeing everyone contributing unique ideas, pushing forward and focusing on the deliverable. I am extremely amazed at the final product both structurally and aesthetically! Way to go!“  said Venisa Chu, Head of Full-Time MBA.

As our classmates begin to be get busier with assignments, projects and their career searches, I truly hope that the mUSThaveFriday event will be an opportunity for them to take a break from all the madness and do something fun and social with their classmates (outside of our regular Lan Kwai Fong nights, of course).

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A big shout out goes to Joe Cheng aka Joala (pictured sleeping above), MBAA Social and Culture Officer, for making these events happen.