Oh The Places You'll Go

By Rory Chin

On July 14, 2017, I packed my entire life and left Canada with a bucket list in hand.

I often hear the question "Why did you choose to do an MBA in Asia?". My answer is simple. If I stayed in Toronto for my MBA, I could tell you exactly what the next 5 years of my life would be. By doing my MBA in Asia, I now have no idea what the next 5 years of my life will be. As odd as it may sound, the allure of the unknown excited me.

For example, little did I know that just 1 month into my MBA journey I would have the opportunity to spend a weekend in the #1 country on my bucket list, Thailand. Moreover, who knew a few friendly Canadian smiles and winks would lead to complimentary Business Class ticket upgrades to Bangkok on Air Emirates. OH CANADA!

Would you like some champagne sir?

DARN RIGHT I WOULD! Just leave me the bottle!

30 Days into our MBA, we were already living the champagne popping jet setter life. Not bad at all.

With beautiful weather blessing our trip, we spent 72 hours in a gluttonous food coma taking tuk tuks, motorcycles, and boats to sample some of the best food I have ever eaten.

The mangoes, the pad thai, the curry! Oh lord, take me back.


We wandered the city in search of culture and inspiration and found ourselves at The Grand Palace, where a serendipitous turn of events required us to purchase these snazzy elephant pants to cover our legs:


Among all the fun, we continued our transformation from HKUST classmates to family. The next 16 months are going to be the best time of our lives. As we work hard toward our future goals, Hong Kong is the perfect hub to play hard as well. 

I cannot wait for the next opportunity to travel with my batch mates and explore new cultures. 

MBA Intake 2017: LET's GET IT!