My first month at HKUST

By harsh mody

On the morning of 26th July 2017, I arrived in Hong Kong for the first time ever. There was a slight anxiety – I was going to live in a new city without first knowing it, and also a sense of wonder at the opportunities that Hong Kong and the MBA program would open for me.

I arrived on campus, lugging along my bags and settled in my room. After lunch, I met two batch mates, and went on a trip to explore the beautiful seaside campus of HKUST. The only word to describe that experience is - hot. It was a hot day and we walked a lot, taking multiple elevators to go down to the sea (I have not yet gathered the courage to make that trip again).

The traditional Hong Kong heat, with a mix of high humidity, was in full force for the next few weeks, as we trekked up the 10 minutes it takes from our Tower C apartments to the Lee Shau Kee Business Building.

In a sharp contrast to the weather, my batch mates were all cool. I have never met so many new people in such a short span, and it has taken me weeks to remember their names. We exchanged funny stories, went drinking and partying to LKF and Wan Chai, played poker and mahjong, and supported one another (physically) at the Experiential Learning Program. We had (free!) lunch for most of the days and many a good dinner. We have also been evicted from the street outside a pub for being too noisy :p

This is also a time for self-reflection. The career and personality exercises are designed to make you think about your strengths and weaknesses and come up with action plans to address your weaknesses. The CPD exercises and alumni mixers will help you think about various career opportunities and set you on the path to your dream job.

Outside of the MBA, I had the chance to meet some friends in Hong Kong and do some sightseeing as well. I walked along the Promenade, did the cruise ride from Kowloon to Central, went up the Peak and explored some restaurants and malls on the island.

(Post script - while all this was happening, we also happened to attend a few lectures and presented our first case)

It has been almost a month since I arrived in Hong Kong and HKUST. The first month, the Immersion Program, will immerse you in the culture of this wonderful city, in the new relationships you build and in yourself.

Lastly, if you happen to be lucky enough to have a sea-facing apartment, the immersion program is the only period when you will have the time to immerse yourself in this beautiful view from your window: