Digitally Transformed

The Tech Club recently hosted an exciting seminar on Digital Transformation. The speaker was Mr. Jaimohan Thampi - APAC head at Electrolux for IOT and digital transformation, and former global head of Marketing at Philips. 

Mr. Thampi arrived at exactly 3 pm, in time for a coffee session with all the club presidents. We gathered around to understand what digital transformation was about and what it meant in terms of job creation in various industries. Not once did we feel the speaker to be emotionally distant nor clinical, behind a veil of ego and attitude.  He took our many questions patiently with a smile to boot! The 45-min session lent perspective on the ubiquitousness of the whole digital wave and how the germination of an idea could leverage on digital tools in order to reach fruition. Also covered were the various events and venues in Singapore and Hong Kong that were themed around digital transformation.

We then accompanied the speaker to the main event of his 1 day visit to HKUST: his expert-level lecture on digital transformation. After a brief introduction about himself and his company, we were on course to achieving what was for many of us, our first exposure to this industry buzzword "Digital Transformation". The speaker covered the what, why and how of Digital Transformation followed by technology disruption and business model frameworks.

A welcome addition were the videos and the subtle yet engaging sense of humour courtesy of the speaker. A herd of cows reacting to a predator were one of many simple examples used to explain the impact of digital transformation on slow lethargic companies.

                                                           When the cows (don't) come home 

                                                           When the cows (don't) come home 

We included a QnA session to wrap things up, with the speaker patiently answering everything from “what would digital transformation mean for human jobs?” to “what does your book library comprise of?”. I think without a doubt, that the audience came back not only well informed on the topic, but was also treated to a lesson in humility, simplicity and inspiration.

We would like to thank Mr. Jaimohan Thampi for sharing his thoughts and experience with us.