Vegetarian Food in HKUST : A Basic Guide

Ranked as one of the Top 15 MBA Programs in the world, HKUST is the best school in Asia from where one can pursue their MBA. In addition to that just one look at the campus will definitely make you fall in love.

Being the concerned Indian parents that they are, one of the first things that my family asked me when I said I had decided to choose HKUST as my choice of school for the MBA was, “Will you be able to survive on campus?”

Granted, HKUST and Hong Kong in general have always had a reputation of not being the most vegetarian friendly places. When initially considering the program, that did throw me off a bit, however a bit of research into options on campus through the menus available as well as confidence in my ability to survive months on end with just sandwiches, pasta and Maggi as my diet I my confidence grew.

To my delight though the vegetarian options on campus aren’t as sparse as my family had feared, what was lacking though was a solid guide to what all one can eat on campus. This is my humble attempt at filling in that gap.

Do not think that these are only some of the options available on campus, there are a few more dishes that I haven’t even gotten around to trying yet and will be updating this post as and when I do.

The Sandwich Club @ Atrium, Main Academic Building



Indian Curry at the Sandwich Club

The Sandwich Club located near the School of Science is the first place on campus that I turned to when I was craving something vegetarian and didn’t feel like trekking to my room to grab a bite. The logic being worst case scenario was I was sure they would have some cheese and bread, lets just put the two together.

I was surprised to find though that they have more than just one selection with paninis, grilled sandwiches and regular sandwiches all coming with vegetarian options. I have yet to try those, though I have tried out their vegetarian lunch option which was definitely edible and a great choice when you want some curry and rice.

Canteen @ LG7, Main Academic Building

The largest canteen in HKUST! This place supposedly has some of the best Value-for-Money-Non-Vegetarian food on campus, however there isn’t much to choose from for the vegetarians. At least not in the Southeast Asian food section

There is a separate section which serves Italian food and has a couple of vegetarian pizzas and a green vegetable pasta too. I haven’t tried this out yet so have no real opinion about the food that they serve.

Canteen 2 @ LG1, Main Academic Building

(Maggi flavored) curry with vegetables and rice, that is all I have tried so far at the canteen on LG1 and let me say it is good enough for any Indian who has grown up with the taste of Maggi in their homes. One positive is that when I asked them about vegetarian food they were very polite about it.

There are two more dishes on the menu that I can’t wait to try out and tell you all about soon.

Uni–Bistro @ Tower C

Located just below Tower C (the MBA dorm), this is one of the slightly more upscale restaurants on campus and to be honest compared to the other options the food just isn’t worth it. If you are an MBA student like me who is just too overwhelmed because it has been one of those days, this will do the trick.

Ebeneezer’s @ G/F, LSK Business Building


Falafel Kebab from Ebeneezer’s

A kebab and Lebanese food chain foiund all over Hong Kong, Ebeneezer’s is somewhat of an institution. Having heard about them from my relatives since forever, I was relieved to find out that they have opened an outlet in the business building on campus. Lunches will definitely be sorted now.

Their vegetarian selection includes veg. biryani, curry, falafel rolls and margherita pizza.

Chinese Restaurant @ G/F, Main Academic Building

Chinese Restaurants.jpg

Dim Sum at the Chinese Restaurant

Located bang opposite the library, this is an extremely popular option on campus with the space always buzzing. In terms of vegetarian options they have a few dim sums you can try out as well as some basic gravies. Definitely a place you will want to go to every so often and enjoy some Chinese food as LG7 isn’t really an option.

Home-cooked food by Gurjeet Aunty

There is no feeling which will make you more homesick than feeling hungry and craving just the satisfaction of some home cooked dal chawal is there?

That is where Gurmeet Aunty steps in, staying what I believe is close by she delivers reasonably tasty food which harks back to home. The menu includes Rajma Chawal, Jeera Aloo, Bhindi and much more.

Contact Info: +852 5300 5734

P.S. She delivers for dinner only and you need to let her know by 3 PM so that she can get your food.

Quite a few options to choose from right? While not an extravagant number of choices it is definitely enough to keep you well fed for a while. The only thing I would add is that just pray that you have awesome roommates like mine who cook for me all the time!