Career Trek to Singapore - A special visit back home

Our Career Trek to Singapore in Oct 2016 was an amazing experience! Even though I lived and grew up in Singapore, this trip was special to me in so many ways.

The most exciting part about the career trek is the opportunity to visit some of the largest or fastest-growing tech-related companies whose Asia-Pacific headquarters are based in Singapore. These include AirBnB, Apple, Garena, Google, IBM, Microsoft and SAP. I was extremely impressed by the design of the workplaces and the energy of the people in these companies. The workplaces are bright and colourful with many open spaces to promote collaboration and creativity (with fantastic views, no less). The people are young, energetic and passionate about what they do (yes, they also wear tees and sneakers). The culture is one of collaboration and teamwork, where everyone can contribute in their own ways. I truly enjoyed every company visit, as they gave me new perspectives on the tech industry and how technology and innovation are transforming the way we live and work. Kudos to our Tech Club and Career & Professional Development Office for organizing these insightful visits!


Dining at Two Chefs restaurant with my classmates was another highlight for me! As a brief description, Two Chefs restaurant is not a typical high-end dining place, but more akin to Hong Kong’s da pai dongs. So it’s very common for Singaporean families to dine out at local zi char restaurants. Knowing that there are many foodies among my classmates and some of whom were visiting Singapore for the first time, I reckoned that the local zi char experience, coupled with the famous chilli crabs and buns, would be uniquely Singapore! We had such a great time, enjoying each other’s company over delicious food such as coffee pork ribs, sambal clams, and of course the chilli and black pepper crabs. And it's definitely memorable for me, as it is my first time dining with more than 40 people from more than 15 nationalities at a zi char restaurant!


During the career trek, we also had the opportunity to network with our HKUST MBA alumni based in Singapore. It’s really heartening to know that our alumni community is strong, not only in Hong Kong and China, but Singapore too. I’m sure many of us will be very keen to pursue career opportunities in Singapore post-MBA, as the city has so much to offer!


Lastly, the career trek to Singapore was a timely opportunity for me to catch up with my family and friends. Nonetheless, I am excited to return to Hong Kong to embark on our Fall Term 2 curriculum, as it has been amazing learning with and from my classmates. I look forward to many more exciting adventures as we continue on our HKUST MBA journey!