Looking back at the last five months

The HKUST MBA is all about diversity. What follows is a post by our Japanese classmate - Zenjiro Hamada about the last five months he has spent as part of our cohort in the #mUSThaveMBA.

Zen and his flatmates.

HKUSTMBA Programに参加して早5ヶ月が経ちました。色々と苦労はありましたが、周りの仲間に助けられ、何とか楽しく過ごせております。

現在Winter Break中で、この間にHKUSTでの暮らしぶりを皆さんに報告できればと思います。







Below is the above post very kindly translated by Zenjiro to english for everyone to read

Five months have passed since I joined HKUST MBA Program. Although there were a lot of challenges, I have enjoyed the entire life in Hong Kong with my new friends.


Now we are in Winter Break. So, I would like to report my UST life to everyone in the meantime.


Most of our classmates live together in a dormitory of HKUST, one room for 4 people. I have three flatmates, Prasad from India, Michael from China, and Angelo from Italy. Each room has four individual small rooms with a desk and bed. A shower, a kitchen, a toilet are shared by four. My roommates are very friendly, so that although it is a communal life, I am spending less stress and having fun.


When I have a class from morning, I get up at around 7:30 in the morning, take a shower, eat breakfast at a café, and go to class. Each class takes 3.5 hours and assigns us at least 3 hours of homework. There are also a lot of group work assignments, which need more time to discuss among a group. I usually sleep at 1 or 2 am.


The first 3 months were hard days, because we reduced sleeping hours for study on weekdays. However, we got used to the life and learned how to manage our time in the next two months, so that it became easier.


In the beginning when I came to Hong Kong, there were welcome drinking parties every night. But once our program began, we usually drink only on weekends. It is more healthier life than when I worked in Japan. Hahaha.


In addition, I entered Kendo club in HKUST which is mainly for UG students. But I am very busy, so that I have joined its practice only a few times. I would like to practice Kendo once two weeks in the next semester.


The picture is taken in the international night with my flatmates.