Bell - by Hector

Bell’s goals are so inspiring and ambitious that I only left our conversation being thankful for having the opportunity to meet an incredible human being at such deep level.

Meeting Bell in a deeper way was an amazing experience. The conversation we shared lasted for almost four hours without noticing that we had to keep on with the rest of our activities. Just to get it out of the way, not that it doesn’t show, Bell is 100% koala 😊.

We decided to meet at Starbucks to start our commute together. Took the minibus and the MTR to get to a very nice Japanese coffee shop in Wan Chai. Bell is a coffee lover and a caffeine addict. We didn’t dig deep into coffee world because I didn’t want to waste the opportunity to know more about her on a personal level, but I’m sure that she’s the one to talk to about coffee.

Bell was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand. She’s the youngest of three sisters and her parents favorite (I’m just assuming that lol). She has only traveled throughout Asia and would love to travel to western countries either in Europe or the Americas. She has a particular interest in Spain and Mexico (not really, she just mentioned Spain, but I’ll invite her to Mexico because its not fair that I have visited her country twice. Bell, I’m sure you’ll love it).

Being a devoted financial professional, Bell started her career in investment banking at Thanachart Securities (BKK) where she ran valuations for companies that went public (IPO). Later, she pursued better opportunities and moved to Bangkok Life Insurance within the Fixed Income Department as Investor Relationship Manager. After working there for several years, she realized she wanted a change and asked her supervisor to help her out. She ended up winning one of the two scholarships that the company offers every year to their most outstanding value-holders. When she goes back to Bangkok after the MBA, she’s looking forward to moving to the planning/ business development department.

She’s committed to the company for four more years after the MBA due to the scholarship, but at some point, she’d love to become the CEO of any food and beverage or big retail company. I trust and know that she’ll achieve that.

Why did you choose Hong Kong for your MBA journey? I asked. She answered: because I fell in love with this city when I visited for the first time in 2015 and I promised myself out loud that I would come and do something here. This is exactly what happened to me in 2014. I couldn’t relate more to that. She also mentioned that Hong Kong is an international hub for insurance companies, which is relevant to her actual job.

But nothing inspired her smile more than when I asked her about her passion. She looked at me and said: “Well, you will definitely understand because I see you work out every day, but I’m in love with running”. It turns out that it’s not only a hobby, but also something she dedicates her time, money and will. She has run the Macau, Nagano (JPN), and Bangkok marathon for now, but she aims to run the Boston, Berlin, London, NYC and Mexico City marathon one day (I made up Mexico City marathon. Although it does exist and it’s the most famous of Latin America, just in case you want to consider that too Bell 😊).  In any case, none of the above compares to the 100 km Ultra Marathon she looks forward to running at some point. Geez! I already got tired just thinking about it. I wonder the amount of physical, emotional and mental preparation that one must go through before even trying to run 42 km (the original marathon) let alone 100 km.

Bell’s goals are so inspiring and ambitious that I only left our conversation being thankful for having the opportunity to meet an incredible human being at such deep level. We even exchanged some life advice about situations we have both experienced.

Bell, I’m sure you will achieve all your goals. Make sure you always keep positive and inspiring others and I know you will be remembered and influential. Thank you for our incredible conversation.